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At our core, we are fueled by a passion for innovation. Our journey began with a clear vision: to revolutionize laboratory workflows. We understood the need for tailored solutions, designed by lab professionals, for lab professionals. With dedication and expertise, we crafted intuitive tools that streamline processes, increase productivity, and empower laboratory professionals to excel in their work.

In 2018, our CEO, Holly Magliochetti, founded our women-owned business, driven by collaboration. Together with Ashley Adams, Executive VP, and Sapphire Villafana, Director of Business Development, we embarked on a mission to address challenges within the laboratory space. Recognizing inefficiencies and outdated technologies, we prioritized improving laboratory workflows and technology with our software lineup.

Today, we are more than just a software company. We are transforming the way laboratories operate, one solution at a time.


At Grace Health Technology, we empower healthcare partners through the development of innovative software and solutions. We are driven by a passion for improving the healthcare industry through cutting-edge advancements and a strong commitment to serving others.

With our expertise and deep understanding of the healthcare landscape, we are dedicated to driving success and fostering growth for our clients worldwide through the implementation of innovative technology.

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