Grace Health Technology Named Benefactor Presenter at Executive War College 2024

Delray Beach, FL – Grace Health Technology, a leading provider of innovative laboratory software solutions, secures a coveted position as a Benefactor Presenter at the esteemed Executive War College 2024, affirming its leadership and innovation in the laboratory software solutions industry. Renowned as the premier event for laboratory executives tackling diagnostics, clinical laboratory, and pathology management challenges, the Executive War College 2024 promises to spotlight the transformative advancements reshaping healthcare and laboratory medicine.

Members of the Grace Health Technology Executive Team will present a timely conference session titled: “Leveraging Advanced Technology to Overcome Laboratory Hurdles: A Path to Enhanced Efficiency, Financial Performance, and Scalability,” exploring the transformative impact of technology on laboratory operations.

“Tailored for laboratory professionals, this session will offer actionable insights to overcome challenges and drive success in the competitive healthcare landscape.”

Sapphire Villafana, Director of Business Development

Key discussion points will include identifying common laboratory hurdles while harnessing advanced technology for efficiency, maximizing financial performance, and achieving scalability and adaptability.

The 2024 EWC provides a unique platform for laboratories to learn from first-movers and early-adopter labs, sharing successes and strategies for maximizing efficiency and driving innovation. Ashley Adams, Executive Vice President at Grace Health Technology, stated, “Grace Health Technology is honored to contribute to advancing industry awareness and adoption of cutting-edge operational technology solutions designed to revolutionize laboratory operations and drive efficiency.”

For industry professionals seeking to stay ahead of the curve in laboratory management and diagnostics, the Executive War College 2024 promises invaluable insights and actionable strategies for success. Grace Health Technology invites registered attendees to explore the transformative potential of cutting-edge laboratory technology in a session on Wednesday, May 1st, 2024, in the Imperial 5-D Suite at 8:30 a.m. CST.

About Grace Health Technology

Grace Health Technology is a leading provider of innovative software solutions for the healthcare industry, specializing in laboratory applications that streamline workflows and enhance operational efficiency.


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